Updated WhatsApp Version 2.16.12 for iOS Brings the Much Anticipated Editing and Doodle Features

WhatsApp Version 2.16.12

After porting the concepts of photo editing and other doodle features from Snapchat to their very own instant messaging app for the Android OS, WhatsApp is all set to update its iOS app to version 2.16.12 with these features and bring them to the iPhone and iPad users.

WhatsApp 2.16.12

These doodle features which existed in the beta versions for a long time was introduced just last month to the stable channel of the Android app. This update comes with an upgraded integration of the phone’s native camera within the app which will introduce new and improvised camera features which will allow the users to edit, write text, doodle, and add emojis to the images and videos. The WhatsApp version 2.16.12 comes with Snapchat-like features which do not limit the creativity of the users to just capturing the photos, but also allows them to emojify, add text, and personify the photos and videos with their ideas based on intuitions.

Edit and Personalize the Photos and Videos

The updated WhatsApp version 2.16.12 for iOS comes with these updated features which are as easy as ABC, to learn and use. All the users need to do first is open the camera integrated within WhatsApp to click a picture. The users can also select a picture from the photo gallery. Once the photo has been taken or selected, a set of editing tools will appear on the top at the right corner of the photo. Now the users can use these tools to edit the photos and make them more personalized and communicable in a fun peppy way and then send them across to friends and family. Similar steps need to be followed while using videos also.

WhatsApp Edit Photos and Videos

Primary Features of the Update

The update has added three primary features which will jazz up the media content to send via WhatsApp. Firstly, there is a wide range of fixed set of emojis, which can be added along with text and drawings to the images and videos that allow the users to convey thoughts or feelings and make them personalized. The second option is to add a countless number of text lines in various colors and different fonts on the photos that can be coupled along with the doodling feature. The user can pick up a brush of the desired size or a font of the desired style by just dragging left on the color selector. While drawing, the users can also pick from two special brushes namely the color remover brush and the pixelate brush. Using these two special brushes will require the mobile device to be the iPhone 5S and newer models, running on iOS 9 and above versions. The third and final option available for the users upon refreshing the app with this latest update is the ability to scribble on top of the images before sending it across to the recipients.

Group Invite Link

WhatsApp Group Invite Link

With the new update to the iOS app of WhatsApp version 2.16.12, the group admins of a group can now invite new people from their contacts to join a group by simply sharing a link with them. The admins will have to go to the group info on top of the Group page and then tap on the Group Invite Link.

There are currently no reports yet about whether the update will introduce the front-facing flash or the easy zoom functions to the iOS app, which have already been introduced in Android. The iOS update with the aforementioned features is live and the updated WhatsApp version 2.16.12 can be downloaded from the App Store.

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