Samsung is Completely Disabling Charging on Remaining Galaxy Note 7 Units

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

It’s about six months since Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was banned off the streets, stores, and even airports. However, the love for Samsung and specifically the beautiful Galaxy Note 7 has meant that some people are still using this phone discreetly.

Samsung issued a statement to all Galaxy Note 7 owners and sellers, asking them to get rid of the phone since it had been declared a health hazard. Six months down the line, the South Korean tech giant has yet to recover 100% of all Note 7 phones that it sent out to different outlets across the globe.

We’ve seen a number of efforts made by the company in an attempt to persuade fans of the phone to take it back to where they bought it, including full refunds for the phone or exchange for another Sammy device. But so far, 3% of all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units released into the Korean market are still being used out there. Now, in a last attempt to completely get rid of the phone and probably get these people to buy any of Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ that will be announced on Wednesday this week, the tech giant is set to completely disable battery charging on all Note 7 phones still being used.

Samsung rolled out a series of updates to the Galaxy Note 7 in 2016 – updates that capped the phone’s battery to 60% and disabled cellular connectivity, but these haven’t been enough to convince some people to take it back. With the latest move, Samsung aims to completely kill off the device by no longer allowing it to charge whatsoever.

In order to do this, Samsung will be rolling out an OTA update that should be downloaded and installed on the device in order for this to take effect. But what if one deliberately refuses to download the OTA update?

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Apparently, some tech-savvy users have other tricks in place, where they’ve successfully rooted the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phablet, which means they are not entitled to OTA updates. The same people have possibly rolled back to a previous software version where they can easily use the device as they did before Sammy issued the recall. But for what gain? What if the device exploded right in your face or burns down your house? Who will you blame?

To avoid any regrets, we urge those who are still using the Galaxy Note 7 to take it back. This is for your own safety – and not ours!


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