Samsung Confirms the Galaxy J3 2017, Galaxy J5 2017 and Galaxy J7 2017 – Check out the details

Samsung Galaxy J7 2017

Almost everything has been said about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy J3 2017, Galaxy J5 2017 and their bigger sibling Galaxy J7 2017, however, it’s only now that the South Korean tech giant has dived into the hype with what is effectively a confirmation of the existence of the three phones.

We could say the tech giant has already taken the wraps off the Galaxy J3 2017, but this is only true for the U.S. market. Here, the likes of AT&T and Sprint are already selling the Galaxy J3 2017, with the latter selling the phone as the Galaxy J3 Emerge. The U.S. variant of the handset ships with model number SM-J327, but those in other markets will receive the phone carrying model number SM-J330.

Other than the different model numbers, the U.S. and international variants of the Galaxy J3 2017 will also have slightly different specs – and so are the Galaxy J5 2017 and Galaxy J7 2017.

The latest development regarding the Galaxy J 2017 series comes from Samsung itself. The tech giant has taken to the official website for Kids Mode to make the phones official. Even though there are no details of the specs and features here, the company has listed the three phones for the first time on an official platform.

Samsung Galaxy J3 2017, Samsung Galaxy J5 2017, Samsung Galaxy J7 2017

With this listing, the company confirmed that the Galaxy J3 2017, Galaxy J5 2017 and Galaxy J7 2017 are indeed on their way and they’ll be compatible with the Kids Mode. Other than the trio, the tech giant has also included the likes of Samsung Galaxy J7 Pop and Galaxy J7 Max, both of which are yet to be unveiled to the market.

For now, we don’t know when exactly the Galaxy J 2017 series will be unveiled, but given the recent developments that include appearances on Bluetooth SIG, FCC and Wi-Fi Alliance, it shouldn’t be long before these phones are released.