Is Samsung Crazy Enough to Sell a Refurbished Galaxy Note 7 in 2017?

Note 7 Failure

Many of you are definitely aware of the saga surrounding Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Most of you are probably eager for answers from Samsung regarding what went wrong with the phablet.

Well, even before Samsung comes to the bottom of the matter, a new report has come out suggesting that the company is contemplating on selling a refurbished version of the Galaxy Note 7. The report comes from a South Korean outlet known as the Investor and apparently, the tech giant will be selling this phone in developing markets such as India and Vietnam.

Looking at what happened with the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung would be making a bold step by re-introducing the fire-prone handset. The phone first saw more than 2.5 million units recalled after it the company thought that there were issues to do with the battery. However, when the “safe” models started going through the same problem, the Korean tech giant had no choice but to take the phablet off the market.

Now, even though the initial report about this matter came up towards the end of September, it was clear that next year would be the possible date of selling the refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7. It would be insane for Samsung to restart selling the Note 7 even before going public with what really happened to the phone. The source claims that the phone will not be sold in developed countries, but the target markets are developing Asian, Africa, and South American regions.

Samsung Comeback after Note 7 Disaster

For now, it is safe to believe that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is dead and it won’t come back whatsoever. Samsung is working on the Galaxy S8 while at the same time taking time to get to the root of the Note 7 problem – something that should help address many other issues, especially since we’ve already heard of reports of a Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy J5 suffering the same fate as the discontinued flagship.

Samsung has apparently denied commenting on the matter, but it would be crazy for the phone to make its way back to the shelves.

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