Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Features – What Do You Want to See?

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Someone will be quick to say “no more explosions” when asked what they would love to see on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 when it is released in 2017.

Well, this is very true considering the menace of the Galaxy Note 7, a phone that has since been discontinued. Some thought that the dead Note 7 was the end of the Note series, but it’s not. Samsung is reportedly working on a new Galaxy Note 8, but for now, the details are still unclear. Nonetheless, lots of rumors are already out there regarding the Note 7 successor and we have some interesting ones for you here.

So, what would you love to see?

Following the Galaxy Note 7 debacle, Samsung has no choice but to come in with a Galaxy Note 8 that will for sure attract consumers. Whether it is the design, hardware specs, latest features or anything that people desire in a 21st-century premium smartphone – the Note 8 has no choice but to deliver the best.

Some of the things that Samsung could debut the Galaxy Note 7 with are listed here – but for now, this is just a wish list.

For starters, no more explosions. What has been experienced with the Note 7 is a nightmare that every Sammy lover would love to forget. If Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is to succeed, this is not an option. Even though Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had an intriguing design language and given its short lifespan, very few would have a problem with an almost similar design, but something less fragile and eye-catching, of course.

The world today is headed towards VR-based entertainment. With the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 8, anything less than a 4K display screen won’t be accepted. The tech giant already makes use of its own Gear VR alongside the 2K display panels of the Galaxy S7, but a higher resolution screen is what the best VR experiences demand. To ensure that these experiences remain smooth and perfect, anything less than 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage would be a suicide mission for Samsung. If this is accompanied by a microSD card slot, the better.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Qualcomm just announced the Snapdragon 835 – a processor that brings lots of powerful improvements from the predecessors – Snapdragon 820 and 821. This processor, coupled with 6GB RAM and the latest software could attract more people back to the Galaxy Note 8.

In terms of camera, Apple stood out this time round with a dual-lens camera setup on the iPhone 7 Plus. If Samsung took the direction with the Galaxy Note 8, it would one of the major selling points of the phablet.

Many Galaxy Note users fell in love with this model due to its S Pen capabilities. This feature makes the phone look like a traditional writing pad where you use the pen to jot notes and even draw things. Sammy lovers are going to miss the great features that had been added to the latest version – but we expect them to make an appearance with the Galaxy Note 8.

What would you like to see in the Galaxy Note 8, if it is released this coming 2017? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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