Samsung Faces Loss as Apple iPhone X Models Didn’t Sell as Expected

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The Apple iPhone X is an expensive piece of gadget designed by world’s most renowned brand but that didn’t convince all buyers to adopt it.

The $1000 phone is not selling as many as expected which surprisingly is affecting Apple’s director competitor, Samsung.

Samsung and Apple are the big rivals in the smartphone industry for many years now. The flagship model Galaxy S8 with bezel-less display pushed Apple to launch the iPhone X with just a top notch but nothing else. They even removed the fingerprint sensor and moved to face ID. The same doesn’t directly apply to Galaxy smartphones because these models still retain the essential 3.5mm headphone jack, as a fingerprint sensor in the back yet looks as futuristic as it could get.

Samsung Faces Loses as Apple iPhone X Models Didn’t Sell as Expected

Top smartphone manufacturers have no option but to buy OLED displays only from Samsung as the company owns the rights to the technology. The displays are very vibrant and offer the highest level of brightness when compared to LCD displays. They are also known for their amazing black levels that ensures an immersive and premium viewing experience for users. Apple adopted it for their iPhone X models and placed huge orders which were supposed to have depleted stocks by now.

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Going by the sale trends, it looks like people are quite happy with their iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 that they don’t find a reason to pay a premium for the iPhone X. If they choose to go with the model, the monthly premium will be much higher so as to cover the full price of $1000 whereas all other Apple models are much cheaper and get the job done without forcing the users to learn a whole new set of gestures to use the phone.

Samsung Faces Loses as Apple iPhone X Models

Samsung reportedly is now looking for new buyers to purchase the OLED panels they have in stock. Previously, the company believed that iPhone X might sell like hotcakes and it might force other manufacturers to quickly change their display to OLED panels. Their expectation fell short and manufacturers continue to sell phones with LCD panels and there’s even a rumor that LG is about to launch a new panel that offers 800 nits of brightness without compromising battery life.

Apple was reportedly paying about $130 per OLED panel for the iPhone X but Samsung is in a tight position now due to lackluster sales, which is expected to continue for a while.

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