PS4 Flash Sale – Huge Discounts on Big Titles in PSN and More Coming Soon

PS4 Flash Sale

A huge PS4 Flash Sale is underway in the U.S. PSN and this is the best time for Sony console owners to expand their collection.

Besides, with so many titles supporting the extra power on the PS4 Pro, why not check out the true 4K capability of your console?

PC Gamers are the ones who often gets the first taste of the sale and Steam, the digital game distribution platform kicked off this year’s big sale. Just a day ago, the Steam Lunar Year Sale was kicked off with little fanfare as it is not the biggest sale for PC gaming community. Some popular games were discounted and more to follow.

The PS4 Flash Sale is much more extensive as Sony has discounted many popular titles and provides an opportunity for gamers to catch up on the games they might have missed during the Cyber Monday Sales and the big Christmas sale which took place in the month of December.


Apart from the huge collection of games already available for purchase, it is expected that more discounts on brand new titles and indie gems will be revealed throughout the weak for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita consoles. Final Fantasy XVdigital premium edition costs just $30 while Overwatch Game of the Year Edition which is quite popular in the competitive scenario sells for about $30.

The deals are something to get too excited about as two months ago these titles were typically sold for almost the same price as now. If you have missed to make the purchase that time due to budget constraints or some other reason, you can grab them now. Battlefield 4 Premium edition is quite old but at $15 it is a worthy pick. Dragon Age Inquisition GOTY edition costs just $10 while the newly launched Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition has gone as low as $10.

Minecraft Story Mode Bundle is now at $14 while Injustice 2 Ultimate Edition that includes all the popular characters and special DLC characters sells for $32. The game is still expensive considering it was launched a long time ago yet with new content being added regularly and DLCs rolling out, there is no way to get this for cheap just like GTA V that still sells for $30 even though it was launched back in 2013.

Some cheaper titles include Unravel for $5, Never Alone for $3, and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst at $5.For the entire list, head to the PSN and check out the PS4 flash sale page.

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