Samsung Flow Allows Windows 10-Based Tablet and Galaxy Phones Communicate Seamlessly

Samsung Flow

Samsung is the leading seller of smartphones across the globe. The company also plays a huge role in the number of tablets in the market, despite this figure growing negatively in the recent years.

The South Korean tech giant recently released a tablet by the name Samsung Galaxy TabPro S. This device runs on the new Windows 10 OS and other than boasting some of the best specs in the market, the device also packs a new feature known as Samsung Flow. Using this feature, Samsung wants to help the millions of people who own their Samsung Galaxy smartphones to easily marry their phones with the newly released Windows 10-based tablet for seamless communication.

Samsung deals with both Google and Microsoft as far as devices are concerned. With both platforms using a unique code and protocol, it can get hectic when trying to get devices running on Android OS and Windows OS to communicate without any problems. Now that Samsung has introduced the new Samsung Flow feature, this will be no more as the operating systems will now be married to ensure that there are no flaws when these devices are reaching out to each other.

Microsoft already ahead of Samsung

When Microsoft unveiled Windows 10 last year, the promise was that there will no longer be differences between a PC operating system and a mobile phone operating system. The company simply introduced a way for the two – Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile – to seamlessly communicate across things like Cortana.

Samsung Flow

It is basically the same thing the new Samsung Flow comes in to do. The feature allows those who own both the new Windows 10-based Galaxy TabPro S tablet and Android-powered Samsung Galaxy smartphones to establish seamless connection between the devices. With this feature, users can now be able to receive phone calls, messages, notifications and all kind of alerts on their TabPro S tablet when using it. In short, you don’t need to always check your phone for notifications or even receiving a call, you can do it right from the tablet.

It even gets better as if you are using any of the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphones that carries a fingerprint scanner as it is possible to use the reader to log into the tablet. You can also use the screen of your phone to draw the patterns that will be used to unlock the Galaxy TabPro S.

Samsung Flow is definitely going to be an invaluable addition to the new line of Samsung tablet. Even though very little has been outlined with respect to the feature, the company is expected to shed out more light on this feature.


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