Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 and Galaxy A5 2016 are receiving an important security update

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017

With the growing number of attacks, Android smartphone makers are becoming more sensitive when it comes to monthly security updates.

The largest of them all, Samsung, has gotten even better in the latest months or year for that matter. Since the release of the Galaxy S7 family, the South Korean company has really improved when it comes to software updates. This is not only happening for the high-end phones, but the story is the same when it comes to midrange and budget models as well.

The latest to join the party are Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 and its immediate predecessor, the Galaxy A5 2016. These two are now receiving a new security update that bumps their patch levels to the month of October, which puts them ahead of the Galaxy S8 and S7 families but on the same terms as the Google Pixel and Nexus phones.

Where the newest Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 is getting an update with software version A520FXXS2BQIJ, the 2016 variant is getting an update with software version A510FXXU4CQJ1 and weighs about 27MB, which is not strange for an update that only carries a monthly security patch and a few other performance improvements and bug fixes.

Many people have the habit of ignoring monthly security updates because they bring no new features. Well, the latest versions for the Galaxy A5 2017 and Galaxy A5 2016 are no different, but their importance lies in what they bring – security. Once installed, you can be sure that any loopholes that could have been used by attackers to hack your phone have been sealed, so make sure you download and install the update on your phone.

Usually, Samsung rolls out monthly updates to its high-end phones, but things have changed with the latest version. If you haven’t received the OTA notification on your phone, maybe it’s because the update has only been confirmed for the Dutch, however, it shouldn’t be long before other markets start receiving the same treat – perhaps alongside the Galaxy S8, S7 and other Samsung phones.


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