2017 Samsung Galaxy A7 – Release Date, Pricing, Specifications, Images and Color Options Emerge

Samsung Galaxy A7

 Some more images, pricing, specs, color options and images have leaked about the Samsung Galaxy A7 2017.

Over the past few weeks, there have been plenty of leaks and rumors about the Samsung Galaxy A7. The A7 of 2017 will be the third version of the original Galaxy A7.

Samsung Galaxy A7

Previous Leaks

Till now, the Galaxy A7 has been leaked many times, including media invites, live images of the device demo and so on. The images were supposed to come during a media meeting, showing the demo devices of the A7, along with the Galaxy A5 and the Galaxy A3 of 2017. The phone has also been seen in some presentation slide in a launching event. In one of the slides of the Galaxy A7, it was mentioned that the device would have a strong metal and scratch resisting glass. The display would have a Glass of 2.5 D and the side strip would be made of metal, with the back panel featuring 3D curved glass.

Only Rumors

Though these are only rumors, it is highly likely that they are true. Many more details are available regarding the pricing and the color options of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy A7 2017. There are also renders of images and details of specs of the device. The new leaks give us information about the details that are already known regarding the device, but the price and the colors available are additional news.

Change in Display News

It was earlier mentioned that the upcoming Galaxy A7 would come with a bigger display of 5.7 inches. However, there is a new leak suggesting that the Samsung Galaxy A7 to be released in 2017 may not have a 5.7 inches screen, but rather a smaller one of 5.2 inches. This is a size that is smaller that what we saw on the Galaxy A7 of 2015. The previous Samsung Galaxy A7 came with a 5.5 inches, so this time around, it might be a little smaller.

Other Specs

Earlier news has indicated that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy A7 will run on the Exynos, 7880 processor and have a RAM of 3 GB, with an internal storage of 32 GB and a camera of 16 MP in the front, for selfies and video calls.

Expected Price

The expected price of the Galaxy A7 is around $430, which is 3000 Yuan, according to the latest leaks.

Color options

There are also leaks regarding the color variants to be offered for the Galaxy A7. These are the four colors that will be available for the upcoming device from Samsung.

Galaxy A7 Color options

Release Date

There is no specific date known regarding the release of the Samsung Galaxy A7. However, as the news and information seems to be getting more and more frequent, it seems likely that the release is quite near. It can be projected that the new Galaxy A7 will be released in the month of January next year. The FCC has cleared the Galaxy A7 and it is also Bluetooth certified and Wi certified. This confirms an early launch of the device.

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