Samsung Galaxy C5 2017, Galaxy C7 2017 and Galaxy C9 2017 May Ship with Dual-Lens Cameras

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

After the headlines made by the release of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, fans of the South Korean tech giant are now anticipating another major launch later in the shape of Galaxy Note 8.

Before the S8 came to life, many were adamant that the handset will fight off tough competition from the iPhone 7 Plus, LG G6, Huawei P10 Plus and a bunch of other phones by being the first Sammy device to ship with a dual-lens camera. When this didn’t materialize, attention shifted to the Galaxy Note 8, with some designers already showcasing what they think the phone will look like in concept images and videos.

Despite the rumors that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will come with a dual-lens camera, other developments have suggested that the phablet won’t be the first from Samsung to feature this camera setup. In late March, patents leaked from Samsung confirming a device with a dual-lens camera, but the overall design of this device was nothing close to what we expect to see on the Note 8 – or even the Galaxy S8. If anything, the Galaxy Note 8 is expected to borrow a huge chunk of the S8’s design language.

Now, in a new development, it appears that the leaked patents could be for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy C5 2017, Galaxy C7 2017 and Galaxy C9 2017 – or perhaps the C9 2017 only. Over the past few years, the South Korean tech giant has been using the Galaxy Note series as a test bed for new features before making them available on the S series. But it seems this role has been taken by the Galaxy C series, which is just a year old since making its debut in 2016.

In case you didn’t know, Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro was the first from Samsung to ship with a 6GB RAM and a massive 6-inch display screen. If it were not for the short existence of the Galaxy Note 7, there definitely would have been a 6GB RAM variant in the market, probably as a limited edition, similar to the current 6GB RAM variant of the Galaxy S8+.  With this in mind, it’s easy to say that the Galaxy C9 2017 may be the one to ship with the dual-lens camera ahead of the Galaxy Note 8 in order to taste the waters.

Be warned that this is an unconfirmed report and as such, be sure to take it with a grain of salt. If Samsung sticks to last year’s plan, the Galaxy C9 2017 should be released in June alongside the Galaxy C5 2017 and C7 2017.