Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Codenamed ‘Bloom’ Likely to be launched in April 2020

Galaxy Fold 2

The South Korean technology giant Samsung Electronics is likely to launch a successor to its Samsung Galaxy Fold a year after announcing the first foldable device.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 could be out in April 2020. There is a rumor doing the rounds currently that the company has given a code name ‘Bloom’ to identify this device internally.

Samsung Still Not Sure with the Foldable Display Switch

The underlying technology in a foldable device is based on how seamlessly a smaller screen opens out into the larger one. Rumors now emerging indicate that the company may decide on reducing the screen size from 7.290-inch in the Samsung Galaxy Fold to 6.7-inch in the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 or whatever name it is given. There is another view that states the size could be bumped to 8.1inches in the next year’s device, reports the Korean publication The Bell. We will have to wait to know more about this. Samsung has not officially commented on any of these.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2Samsung Galaxy Fold Doing Well with Pre Orders

Samsung has taken all of six months to finally release its first foldable smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Fold in the market. Though the phone was announced in April 2019, there were issues related to the hardware as noticed by some media people to whom it was issued for testing and review. The company then decided to hold back market release and worked on rectifying the errors.

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Samsung had claimed that it had found a solution and the issues have been resolved. The market release of the phone was postponed until recently. Now, Samsung Galaxy Fold can be preordered in a few countries and the response received by the South Korean brand is overwhelming. Production of display panels has been hiked and there are clear indications now that Samsung will have smooth sailing hereafter.

It is not sure if this development prompted the manufacturer to go ahead with its April 2020 plan for a successor to the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The only question could be if this second-generation foldable device will be released along with the Samsung Galaxy S11 series phones in March 2020 or a little later.

It is said the code-naming of models is done with a purpose. The Samsung Galaxy Fold was called the ‘Winner’ and its successor is being called the ‘Bloom’. Very appropriate nomenclature?

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