Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Battery Model Bags Certification in Korea and it’s the ‘Smaller’ Variant

Galaxy Fold 2

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is the next foldable phone from the South Korean smartphone maker and is the successor of Galaxy Fold released earlier this year.

The model number of Galaxy Fold 2 is SM-F700F and the phone is codenamed ‘Bloom’. This foldable phone will have two separate batteries, similar to the first Galaxy Fold. However, unlike the first Galaxy Fold which had two batteries with the same capacity, Fold 2 is expected to have different battery capacities. Their model numbers have been found to be EB-BF700ABY and EB-BF701ABY. One of these two batteries will have a large battery capacity and the other one will have a smaller capacity.

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Galaxy Fold 2 Battery

Today, we have found the battery model EB-BF701ABY in the Korean certification site SafetyKorea. There’s an image of the battery but the text is unreadable. Though the image in the certification site is not very clear and doesn’t help us spot the exact capacity of the battery, from the previous rumors we already know the rated capacity of the EB-BF701ABY model and it’s believed to be 900 mAh. This is the battery with lower capacity and the BF-BF700 variant is expected to be the one with higher rated capacity.

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At the recent Developer Conference held by Samsung in the last week of October, the company showcased a schematic model of what could be the Galaxy Fold 2 phone. It was a foldable phone and the design of Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is quite similar to the recently released Motorola RAZR phone. At the event, the company also revealed its new One UI interface for foldable phones.

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Fold 2 might be priced less than the first Galaxy Fold. So it can be expected to be less than 2000 Euros. The release date of Galaxy Fold 2 could be in the first half of 2020, maybe after the release of the S11 series in February.

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