Samsung Galaxy Note 6 – Time for Some Excitement

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 2016

If you are excited about the new Note 6 from Samsung Galaxy, you are not alone, as it could surely be one of the eye-catching smartphones of the year.

Power users will surely love this phablet in comparison to the S series, as the Note devices are bigger and more powerful and also come with heavier features.

Leaks Reported for Release

The Samsung Galaxy Note 6 is scheduled to be launched before the iPhone 7 Plus, according to the latest rumors. It will probably hit the stores in the second half of 2016, but new leaks suggest that it will be sold a month before the new iPhones. The latest news is that the phablet would hit the shops around 15th August, whereas the iPhone 6 will release only the next month. This is because of what happened in the year 2014, when Samsung released the Note 4 simultaneously with Apple’s iPhone 6.

The news of the release comes from a reliable leaker, Evan Blass, so it seems very probable that there is going to be a mid August launch for the Note 6. Both the earlier Note handsets were also launched in the month of August. However, this is in contrast with leaks from South Korea media, which point towards a launch in the middle of July this year. It could probably be August, but September is possible and October is also possible, though less likely, based on previous releases.

‘Confirmed’ Features

SamMobile has confirmed some of the features certain to be present in the Note 6. This includes a USB, Type C port and resistance to water and dust with IP68 certification. In addition, the new phablet will probably come with a battery powered at 4000 mAh and a Samsung Focuxapplication site that is inspired by Blackberry. The hardware is sure to be excellent. Moreover, there are expectations that the phablet will have curved display, as most of the flagship phones from the company have this design.

Leak about Specs

There was also a rumor that had leaked out from China regarding the specifications on the Weibo network. It suggested that the new phablet would have a display of 5.77 inches and a screen resolution of 2 K QHD. It will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon, 823 processor clubbed with a graphics card of Adreno 530. The RAM is expected to be 6 GB and the storage 256 GB. It will have a battery powered at 4200 and will come with a body that is both dustproof and waterproof, being IP68 certified.


However, though all these rumors exist about the phablet, there is no official news from Samsung, so it could very well be true that such a device does not even exist. This is just a combination of rumors, leaks and speculation. All rumors point towards a Note 6 that is in the offing, ready to be released. This is based on rumors from Forbes and from TechRadar, which claim that the Samsung Note 6 comes in August and that there is not going to be any S7 Edge+. However, Samsung claims that they have no comments on such rumors or speculations.

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