Candy Crush Saga – Tips Helping you Dominate King’s Saga

Matching Candies

Candy Crush Saga can make gamers into compulsive addicts, as the player will be completely engrossed with reaching different levels and goals. It is a match three game, rather like Bejeweled, but there are different colored candies that you have to match. Cascades and strategic moves can create many special candies. The aim is match three, four, five or even seven candies of the same type and clear them. In case of five candies, you can get a colored bomb, whereas you can get a striped candy for matching four of them.

Game Levels

Here are some top tips for using such candies most effectively. The game has more than 2000 levels, consisting of about 1400 levels in the Reality game and some 600 levels in the Dreamworld game. There is also a variety in the types of levels, as it can be a jelly level, a timed level, candy order level or a moves level.

Candy Combinations

The combinations have to be used strategically in order to get the maximum points and achieve the goal of that particular level. When you combine two candies that are striped, it results in clearing a horizontal line and a vertical one. If you combine a striped with a wrapped one, you can clear both horizontal and vertical lines. By combining the striped candy with the rainbow one, all the colors present in the combination will convert into striped ones.

Dream Combination

If you get two of the rainbow candies side by side, you can combine them to get a lot of points, with the entire board being cleared off. However, the combination is difficult to come by.

Using the Jellyfish

The jellyfish can be a savior, once you activate it. It starts swimming across the screen and creating three new ones that swim and swallow three of the squares containing jellies. It is also capable of taking off a layer when a jelly is blocked.

Using Lollipops

From time to time, you may get a free Lollipop. Use them carefully, as they can be handy for smashing candies. Try not to use them in the early part of the game and keep them for higher and more difficult levels.

Suggested Moves

When the player takes some time to make one move, the game offers suggestions by highlighting some candies that could be matched. However, the suggestions are not always the best ones and you need to take a look at other options before following the proposed move.

Direction of Stripes

You must make a note of the direction of the stripes in a striped candy. If it is horizontal, then the candies on either side will explode and if it is vertical, the candies on top and bottom will explode. If you combine a horizontal stripe with a vertical one, a row of horizontal and a row of vertical candies get wiped out.

New Challenges

As you progress in the game, you will have to face fresh and difficult challenges, such as chocolate that keeps appearing like cancer and multiplies beyond control. Another difficult feature is the Licorice. It doesn’t multiply quite like chocolate but it cannot be erased with the colored bomb or striped candy combination.

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