Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – 5 Great Features Beyond the Specs

Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been in the rumor mill for months now, but the Korean tech giant finally put this down to rest by unveiling the successor to the Galaxy Note 5.

As usual, the Galaxy Note series is a top-notch hardware-centric lineup and the new Galaxy Note 7 doesn’t disappoint on this front. Talk of a superior QHD display screen with curved dual edges, the most powerful mobile chipset in 2016, Snapdragon 820, flagship RAM of 4GB, over-the-top cameras, 64GB of expandable onboard storage as well as a huge 3500mAh battery unit. However, this is not everything about the Galaxy Note 7, in fact, there is more beyond the specs. Let’s find out.

Privacy – Check

Privacy is what made BlackBerry such a force in the mobile industry. With Apple taking down the same channel, the story has even been better for the Cupertino Company. The past few years have seen some huge improvements come from Android’s way, something Samsung is taking to the next level with an iris scanner on the Galaxy Note 7. This is the first Galaxy handset to feature this amazing functionality. All you need is to gaze at your phone, just like you always do when reading, watching or browsing the phone, in order to unlock the device.

But this is not all. If you want to keep other things safe and private on your phone, the Galaxy Note 7 has this covered. You can have your files stored in an encrypted Secured Folder that requires your eye to open. It gets even better as the iris scanner adds a second tier security level to the Note 7 where you can allow your girlfriend access the phone using a fingerprint while the most private parts can only be opened via an iris scan.

Easy translation and magnification of everything

It is now possible to get a translation of anything you want on the Galaxy Note 7 thanks to the nifty addition the S Pen stylus has received. There is an Air command menu that shows up once you slide out the stylus. This is where you can activate the translator abilities of the S Pen. Once activated, you only need to hover the stylus over any text visible on your screen and it will be translated to a language of your choice. There are up to 38 languages available so far, but with more updates, more languages will definitely be included.

Galaxy Note 7

The new S Pen heroics don’t end there. It is also possible to use the same trick to magnify anything on your Galaxy Note 7. Through the same Air command menu, it is possible to activate the magnify tool that will come in handy when looking for anything on your screen. It allows magnifying up to 300% the original size, which is an added advantage for those with visual needs.

A tougher body

Just recently, Corning unveiled the new Gorilla Glass 5 screen protection technology. Little did we know that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be the first device to come in with this technology. With Gorilla Glass 5-protected display and back panel, the Galaxy Note 7 is expected to be up to 1.8 times tougher than the Galaxy Note 5, which used Gorilla Glass 4. This means the device can withstand shoulder and weight-height drops better than its predecessor can.

It gets even better for the Galaxy Note 7 as it adds an IP68 certification, meaning it can also survive rainwater and even dives of up to 1.5 meters for a period of 30 minutes. This is something you cannot afford to risk with the Galaxy Note 5.

HDR display

There were many rumors that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will come with a 4K display screen. Well, these did not materialize as the South Korean tech giant stuck with the 2K units used on its previous models. However, the phone carries a nifty feature that is meant to improve the color fidelity thanks to the support for HDR technology.

Of course, 4K is seen as the standard for VR content, but apparently, HDR has its own advantages, among them the ability to provide profound improvements in quality of videos by realistically emulating the hues and brightness perceived by the human eyes. Be warned that using this feature will require actual HDR content to be used, otherwise, it will be a waste of your time.

Galaxy Note 7

The Note power

The Galaxy Note series is known for its unique S Pen stylus. This is actually a note-taking tool that lets you use your phone like you do with a writing pad. With the Galaxy Note 5, one can easily jot some notes on the screen without unlocking the phone. Well, this is a cool feature, but the Galaxy Note 7 takes this to the next level. You can now have these notes stay on the screen for as long as you want, meaning you won’t need to unlock your phone in order to see the list of items you’ve written on the screen.

It gets even better as the Galaxy Note 7 now allows scrolling through the notes, meaning you get more than what is just available on the screen’s space. The notes are now accessible via a single app as opposed to four in the past. Still, you can use the S Pen stylus even when under water, though this may not be practical at all.

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