Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Carrier Listing Confirms 64GB Model

Galaxy Note 7 rumors

With just days before the Galaxy Note 7 is announced, more details have begun showing up. After it emerged that Samsung will be offering the phablet in four color variants, it also emerging that the South Korean company will step up the onboard storage available on the Note 7.

Storage issues are nothing new to most smartphone users. Unlike the likes of display screens, processing units, cameras and many other aspects of smartphones, storage units have taken years to evolve. Even flagship smartphone manufacturers like Apple are still struggling with equipping their handsets with decent storage options.

As for many Android devices, it has literally taken ages for them to start coming in with 32GB and more storage options on their flagships. Samsung is no exception. Last year, the Korean tech giant came in with a Galaxy S6 that offers three storage options of up to 128GB, with the base model holding 32GB of onboard storage. However, it did away with microSD card support, a feature that has made most people love Samsung and other Android devices.

This is not the case for 2016 as the company opted to bring back the microSD card with the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. However, this has meant that buyers can only settle for a 32GB variant only. Still, this hasn’t stopped rumor mills from coming in with reports that the Galaxy Note 7 will pack 64GB onboard storage. It has even gotten better as there is a new leaked image of carriers’ listings that tends to support this rumor.

Galaxy Note 7

Don’t be too excited, though, as the leak only list seems to suggest that the 64GB version will only be available in Korea. This is because only Korea’s Telecom has its version listed with 64GB storage while the rest have not been specified. This means that anything is possible, including the availability of a 32GB version on these other carriers. However, with the phone expected to cost a massive €849 when it is released in Europe, it is reasonable to put your expectations on a 64GB base model.

Samsung is also expected to include microSD card support on the Galaxy Note 7, with some rumors pointing towards a hybrid slot that can also support the upcoming Samsung UFS cards.

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