Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Explosion Investigation Results Could be Announced in Three Different Phases

Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 created such an explosion, not in a positive note but rather led to the company’s biggest failure last year.

The phone was praised by reviewers for its great build quality, performance and it was supposed to be the best phablet of the year. Many features that Samsung offered is unique to their device and hardly any other manufacturer can boast of the same. However, the Galaxy Note 7 had unidentified battery issues that led to the phone exploding at unexpected circumstances. It exploded at homes, in the airport and in every other location you could think of. Most organizations and businesses decided to ban the device because of its explosive nature.

All the devices that were shipped were recalled and Samsung could have witnessed one of the biggest economic setbacks because of the recall. After looking into the issue for nearly a year now, the company is ready to reveal the reasons that caused the explosion. Instead of releasing a press statement or stating some obvious facts, a Chinese website reports that the announcement will take place in three different phases.
Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The first phase will take place on Friday 20th, followed by another press meet on 23rd of the month followed by the most important meet to take place on 25th. We assume it will be reported this month, January based on the information available. However, the website doesn’t explicitly state when the announcement is scheduled to take place. The last event will also be the earnings call for the company. The phases are being laid out because after the announcement, the remaining time will be dedicated to answering media and security firms on specific questions. They are lining up the dates so that they fall after the Chinese New Year and the Korean Lunar New Year.

While there are no leaks on what caused the problem, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the least of worries for the company. The top executives are more focused on the Galaxy S8 flagship model and want to make sure the battery issue doesn’t affect sales of their new launch. It is expected to be announced in the second quarter of 2017 and when they do, the phone should sell as predicted. Galaxy Note 8 is also on the cards and in order to make sure customers don’t ignore these upcoming launches due to battery explosion issues, Samsung will detail the actual reasons and provide an official report to the media on these specified dates.

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