Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7 OTA Update to Solve Overheating Problem

galaxy note 7

More than 70 units of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 have been reported to have had overheating issues, but don’t be mistaken, for this is only about the U.S.

Before this revelation, the South Korean tech giant had only reported of 35 cases across the globe. This is a huge problem for Samsung and in fact, the company has opted to recall all Galaxy Note 7 units so as to replace them with good ones. While this might take a while since not all units are going through the same thing at the same time, the company has decided to make an audacious move of taking care of future Samsung Galaxy Note 7 handsets.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

According to the latest news, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones will soon receive an OTA software update that is meant to take care of this overheating problem of the phablet. The update will start rolling out as from September 20, but this will first happen in the home country of South Korea. Once you download and install the OTA update on your Note 7, the phone will no longer be able to charge beyond the 60% mark.

As at the time of this writing, Samsung is reportedly in talks with at least 9 carriers from all over the world with respect to making this swift software update for the Galaxy Note 7. What this means is that users of the phone will operate on a maximum battery capacity of just 2100mAh, yet the phablet packs a huge 3500mAh unit. Given that lots of people out there are yet to give up on their sleek Galaxy Note 7 units, Samsung has decided to make this decision as a precautionary measure in a bid to avoid any unwanted accidents and cases that could possibly lead to lawsuits.

The official exchange program for the Galaxy Note 7 kicks off on September 19 in South Korea and according to the company, it may take up some responsibility as far as data needed to download the OTA updates is concerned.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 OTA Update

Be on the lookout for a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 OTA update from the date above mentioned date though it might take some time before it finally hits carrier-based handsets. Still, the urgent need for a solution with respect to this issue could mean that carriers might get it ready in record time. We’ll be here to let you know if and when this happens.

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