Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to Receive Android Nougat within Three Months

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to Receive Android Nougat within Three Months

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 may only be a few days old, but confirmation has already been received about the upcoming android Nougat operating system’s availability on this device.

Samsung Mobile President Koh Dong-jin claimed that the upcoming version of android will be available in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 within two or three months. This is a major sign of intent from Samsung that they are not prepared to let any positive vibes slip away. Following the immense success of the Samsung Galaxy S7 twins, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has also received a lot of positive reviews.

The android nougat is expected to be unveiled officially by Google in the next few weeks. Even though Samsung phones already have most of the features found on this new operating system, it is a major selling point for a high-end device like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Some of the new features on android nougat include multiwindow support and the ability to have quick settings straight away on the notification bar. Both these aspects have been available on the high-end Samsung devices for quite a while through the TouchWiz user interface.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

It is a good move from Samsung especially considering that the company has been criticized in the past for not delivering the latest operating systems soon. Providing new update soon is especially the need of the hour with Nexus and Motorola smartphones being able to provide these at lightning fast speeds.

Unveiled a few days ago, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been receiving a lot of interest due to its 5.7-inch screen with curved edges. Unlike the Galaxy S series, the Galaxy Note 7 has not been launched in two variants. It is certainly not a compromise since this display with QHD resolution is the best possible way to exploit the new S pen. The device has been waterproofed completely from top to bottom and this includes the S pen as well. One will be able to use the S pen to write notes on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 even underwater.

The phone comes with the familiar camera specifications which have already made its way on the Galaxy S series. This includes the 12-megapixel rear camera and a five-megapixel front camera. Samsung has reduced megapixel count, but there is now more focus on better low light photography. The phone is available for around $900 in the United States.

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