OnePlus 3 Receives New Update to Improve Call Quality and Fix Bugs

OnePlus 3 Receives New Update to Improve Call Quality and Fix Bugs

OnePlus 3 has been receiving a raft of new updates aimed at satisfying customers.

The phone came with class leading specifications as expected, but it has suffered from a few niggles from day one. Even though the major issues were as a result of OnePlus themselves, the phone also had a few minor issues that have already been corrected through a couple of updates. Aspects like RAM management were created by the manufacturers, who were more than happy to use the 6 GB of RAM feature as a mere selling point.

One of the first updates given to the OnePlus 3 corrected the RAM management and color accuracy. The 6 GB of RAM available on the OnePlus 3 coupled with dash charging make it one of the comprehensive devices for performance oriented users. The additional 2 GB of RAM over phones like the Samsung Galaxy S7 or the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 enable the phone to run as much as 15 high-end applications at the same time without having to restart them. The latest update takes the oxygen OS on the OnePlus 3 to 3.2.4.

OnePlus 3

A few OnePlus 3 owners have complained about auto rebooting issues and the new update fixes this aspect. The call quality on a device is often a forgotten feature in today’s high-tech smartphone segment. The OnePlus 3 is one of the great devices in this price range when it comes to quality. The new update brings even more improvements to this area, while also performing several other optimizations. Even though the 6 GB of RAM has often been the highlight feature of the OnePlus 3, the device also packs quite a punch in the form of a snapdragon 820 processor.

A 16-megapixel rear camera in the rear is now capable of capturing more detail than shooters on the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. One of the areas where the camera loses out is in the video recording department and low light photography. In the search for a better design, OnePlus 3 is now only 7.4 mm thick. Sacrifice has been made in terms of the battery, which is now only 3000 mAh in size. However, users will not complain since the phone has dash charging, which is the fastest charging technology available as of now.The OnePlus 3 offers incredible value for money as it is priced less than $400.

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