Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Replacement Units Start Shipping Today

Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was announced on August 2 and went on sale a couple of weeks later. Touted as the best smartphone in 2016, the phablet has failed to live up to its tag thanks to the battery issues that have haunted the phone, leading to a massive recall for the flagship.

The number of cases has been growing on a daily basis, with some even leading to lawsuits. But to take care of the problem, Samsung issued a recall for all faulty Galaxy Note 7 handsets. Now, the South Korean tech giant sent out an update on Tuesday confirming that all those who had sent back their Galaxy Note 7 handsets for a new one can begin picking their replacement units as from today, Wednesday, September 21.

This is, however, only applicable to dwellers of the U.S. as long as they bought the unit from any carrier or retailer. The new Galaxy Note 7 does not just take care of the overheating issues of the phone, but also comes in with a new software update that will show users that these are new units that have no problems with the battery.

iPhone 7 vs Galaxy Note 7

If anyone bought a Galaxy Note 7 before September 15, 2016, it is recommended that this phone be powered down and taken down to the original store. This move will result in a new Note 7 being handed over – a phone that will not burst into flames when in your pants or even in your car. If you are a new customer, you may have to wait until October 21 and beyond in order to grab yourself a brand new carrier-branded Galaxy Note 7. The story is the same for unlocked variants that are sold via retailers.

There have also been reports of Samsung rolling out a software update that will cap the maximum battery charging levels of the Galaxy Note 7 to a certain figure. However, this is yet to be confirmed, but it could still be another way of dealing with stubborn owners of the Note 7 who are reluctant to take back their recalled phones.

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