Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Sales to Resume from September 28

Galaxy Note 7 vs Galaxy S7

It looks like Samsung will be able to end their Galaxy Note 7 fiasco from September 28 as sales of the top end model will finally resume, according to the company.

Samsung suspended sales of the latest Note phone on September 2 while also issuing an official recall. The recall was to cover 2.5 million phones that had been sold up until that point. Launched just over a month ago, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been praised for the various improvements it made over the predecessor. One of the highlight elements of the device was the curved display.

Galaxy Note 7

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy S models, the Galaxy Note 7 was to be available with only one version and no alternative without a curved display. However, this was not a deterrent to the popularity of the device. In fact, this turned out to be the opposite, as the Galaxy Note 7 became one of the well-received models from the company in recent years. The phone, though, had a fault in its battery and this resulted in exploding units being reported in various locations around the world.

Samsung may have recalled the entire shipment of the device even though only a handful of explosions were reported. The Galaxy Note 7 has a large 3500 mAh battery which can be quickly charged using fast charging technology. The replacement units will be given to affected customers free of cost and this exercise is expected to cost the company in the region of $1 billion. The replacement units, though, will give buyers the chance to experience the device without the fear of explosions.

The Galaxy Note 7 is a powerhouse of features and it now packs an even more impressive 12 megapixel camera in the rear. This may sound like a step down from the 16 megapixel cameras seen in the phones up until now, but Samsung has worked on ensuring that the camera works well in all scenarios especially at night. The slightly larger aperture values coupled with lower megapixel count mean that the photos are clear of noise than before.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The phone has a 64 GB internal storage with no options available. However, the support to 256 GB memory cards makes the phone fully take advantage of its multimedia capabilities. Some of the best aspects of the new Galaxy Note 7 are the camera and the edge display packed in a beautiful body.

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