LG X Power Comes to Sprint Prepaid with 4100 mAh Battery

LG X Power

For those who value battery life more than anything else on a smartphone, the LG X power has to be on top of the wishlist.

The phone has a humongous 4100 mAh battery powering aspects like a 5.3 inch touch screen. This battery capacity is seen only in a handful of smartphones, but even they have such a large battery purely because they might also have an extra-large display that requires a lot of power. The LG X power does not suffer from these issues, as it only has a 5.3 inch display with 720p resolution.

LG X Power

Make no mistake, this is not a bad display by any means. It has more than enough pixel density so as to eliminate them from normal viewing. One of the advantages of a 720p screen over the QHD resolution or even the 1080p screens is the significantly lower power requirement. The LG X power is now set to be available in Boost Mobile, which is the prepaid arm of Sprint. It is claimed by Sprint that the phone will be able to provide around 33 hours of talk time.

Some of the power has been utilized to correct one of the phone’s biggest flaws from the previous generation. Earlier, the MediaTek MT6735 processor rated at 1.3 GHz was found in the device. This quad core processor was not exactly the fastest in the world and the users found it hard to deal with a phone which had responsiveness issues. The LG X power now comes with a Helio P10 processor which is a 1.8 GHz octa-core chipset. Thus, one can expect a significant bump in terms of performance.

LG X Power

Still, the use of 2 GB of RAM may work against the phone since it has only to take care of the Android Marshmallow OS. The 16 GB expandable storage on the phone does come as a saving grace especially in an era when the 16 GB version is fast disappearing even from mid-range phones. Much of the space is taken up by the operating system. Even though marshmallow gives the option to move apps to SD card, this function is limited as of now. Support to the LTE network is the biggest advantage on the LG X power. The phone is available at $129 without any contracts. Sprint network will be welcoming the phone on the postpaid network from September 23 for a monthly payment of $9 for 24 months.

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