Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Shipping for T-Mobile Customers

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The recently launched Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was not expected to be available in the hands of customers before August 19.

However, several customers on T-Mobile and Verizon networks have confirmed that they have received an email stating that their devices are out for delivery. It is likely that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will reach customers of these networks before August 19. Priced at more than $800 without contracts, this new device has been claimed as the best from Samsung yet. It is not a revolutionary design since it largely models the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

However, the company finally ditching the artificial leather back in the last generation coupled with various design cues from the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge seems to have worked in favour amongst buyers. The slightly larger 5.7-inch screen on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 also looks bezel free thanks to the use of curved edges. In almost every other aspect, the display is similar to the last generation model. There is no 4K resolution as it continues with the same QHD pixel density.

Galaxy Note 7

Few manufacturers have managed to take advantage of the excellent S Pen and its qualities like Samsung. This is especially true in the case of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The stylus on this phone has been enhanced even further in terms of features. The Always On display has been a welcome addition from the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, but once again, its capabilities have been enhanced even further so that it now supports a wide array of options. The S pen can be used to scribble a quick note without unlocking the device and it is saved as an Always On memo.

For the first time ever in the Galaxy Note series, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 receives IP 68 rating. The ability to withstand more than just water splashes allows the device to be used even by adventure junkies. Furthermore, the S pen is also designed to work even underwater. While there have been such improvements, Samsung has reduced to the megapixel count on its rear camera from 16 to 12. The less megapixels, though, have been combined with a bigger aperture so that night photography is excellent on the device with minimal noise. The 12 megapixels is more than enough for excellent daylight photography.

A 3500 mAh battery coupled with fast charging should ensure no worries about battery life.

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