Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Units Could be Available in Limited Numbers in Europe

Samsung Galaxy Note7

Just ahead of the official release date of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the South Korean tech giant has sounded out a warning for potential buyers of the phablet living in Europe.

According to Samsung, the upcoming Galaxy Note 7 might not satisfy the entire European market as expected. The tech giant predicts that the demand for the Galaxy Note 7 will surpass that of its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 5, which even failed to reach some of these European markets.

At the time of this writing, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has a September 2 release date for European buyers. As for those in the U.S., the phone should start official shipping as from August 19, which is this Friday. With the demand for the phone already souring as seen in the pre-orders already made, Samsung has been forced to take some drastic measures as it looks to make sure at least everyone gets a share of the new technology the Note 7 packs.

The huge demand for the Galaxy Note 7 in markets that are set to receive the handset as from tomorrow has meant that Samsung reschedules some of the release dates of the phone in other markets. Apparently, the likes of Russia, Benelux, Ukraine and even Malaysia will not be receiving the Note 7 as per the initial dates.

Google Nexus 2016 vs Galaxy Note 7

In short, what Samsung is saying is that the currently available units of the Galaxy Note 7 are set to be sold in South Korea and North America alone, with the rest of the world having to wait for more units to be produced. Hopefully, these delays won’t be too much to a point that buying the Galaxy Note 7 won’t have that thrill of being the first to own a new gadget anymore.

Whether Samsung is simply trying to get potential buyers to rush and get the new Galaxy Note 7 before the likes of LG V20, Google Nexus 2016 Marlin and even iPhone 7 come into play is still unknown. But for now, be warned that any delays could see you miss out on the first shipment of the phablet in Europe.

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  1. What came of Samsung stating that 5 million Note 7s would be built in the July-August time frame? I wonder now if demand has eclipsed this initial projection.

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