Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Users Won’t Be Able to Access Radio Functionality Starting Dec. 15

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The stories about Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and its recall are no longer new to the ears of smartphone users all over the world.

The South Korean tech giant has been doing everything possible to get those who had already purchased the Galaxy Note 7 units to return them and be refunded with cash or get a new device. The company has even chosen to work with governments and network providers to try and limit the features supported by the Note 7 in a bit to force those who are still using the phone to part ways with it, but not everyone has.

Galaxy Note 7

In what appears to be a final attempt to force these people to take back the faulty Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the company is now going extreme. Those in Canada are the affected ones, with the company confirming that starting next week, no current owner of the Galaxy Note 7 will be able to access core radio services of the phone, among them cellular connectivity as well as wireless connectivity that includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality.

In a press release, Samsung says that all those with the remaining Galaxy Note 7 phones will not be able to make calls, send or receive messages or even access the internet, this rendering the phone practically unusable. Apparently, 10% of all Note 7 units shipped to Canada have not been returned, something that has forced Samsung to take this drastic action.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Still, Canada is not the only country to have been hit with this update. Apparently, those in New Zealand are already feeling the wrath of the Korean company and the same story will also be happening in Australia beginning the same December 15th. However, Canadian Samsung Galaxy Note 7 units will be disabled from accessing Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radios as from December 12th while cellular connectivity will be disabled three days later.

Nonetheless, those who choose to keep the Note 7 will still be able to access the usual 911 emergency line.

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