Official: Samsung Confirms Pearl Black Galaxy S7 Edge

Pearl Black Galaxy S7 Edge

After weeks of rumors about a pearl black Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in the making, the South Korean tech giant has finally made this device official.

According to reports, this glossier version of the Black Onyx Galaxy S7 Edge will not be available worldwide like its counterpart, rather, the device will only be sold in select markets, including the launch market of South Korea. Just like the rumors had pointed out, the new S7 Edge doesn’t just come in with a new color, it also adds more storage space, debuting the company’s first 128GB variant of the S7 series.

Galaxy S7 Edge Pearl Black

The introduction of this pearl black Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge follows the launch of another blue coral color variant that resembles the Galaxy Note 7. Samsung is trying to keep its fans busy and slightly happy with these tweaks to the best-selling Galaxy S7 unit at least before the flagship Galaxy S8 comes out next year. On the other hand, some are seeing this new color variant as Samsung’s way to take on the classy jet black Apple iPhone 7 – a color variant that has been recording unprecedented demand when compared to others in the new iPhone lineup. In case you didn’t know, the jet black iPhone 7 models are only available in 128GB units, something that Samsung has directly applied to its newest release.

Samsung broke the news about this pearl black Galaxy S7 Edge, confirming that it will be sold in select markets beginning December 9th. However, it will still be hard for Samsung to convince people into buying a phone that essentially looks like the initial Black Onyx on grounds that it’s a new color variant, rather, those who were sticking out for a larger storage option might be the ones to get this unit.

Pearl Black Galaxy S7 Edge

A lot of what you’ve seen on the already released Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge units is still available on the new variant, be it the processor, camera, glass and metal design as well as software. Furthermore, Samsung has not announced any price changes for the new handset, just like it happened with the blue coral variant.

Will it be the pearl black Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or the Galaxy S8? What are your thoughts? Share in the comments below!

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