Samsung Galaxy Note 7R Cleared by Bluetooth SIG as Release Nears

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Early this month, Samsung Galaxy Note 7R was cleared by the FCC, a confirmation that the phone will be unveiled in the coming days, if not weeks.

Usually, when a device is cleared by the FCC, it takes less than a few weeks before it hits the market. Well, the FCC-certified Galaxy Note 7R has just passed another major hurdle and an effective confirmation that it will be launched really soon.

According to a listing on the Bluetooth SIG, the Galaxy Note 7R is good to go. The body has just cleared the phone for release. In addition to the Bluetooth SIG and FCC, the same phone has also made stops at the Wi-Fi Alliance, where it was also cleared for release with Android 7.0 Nougat on board.

The Bluetooth SIG website doesn’t give us much detail as to what the Galaxy Note 7R will ship with. The only thing it mentions is the model number, which is SM-N935F. From past model numbers used on Samsung Galaxy phones, this model number shows that this variant of the Note 7R will be sold in Europe. The specific markets are not yet known, but we expect to see the phone’s first launch happening in South Korea, the home of Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7R

As for those in the U.S., the company has previously confirmed that the Galaxy Note 7R will not be coming stateside, which is obviously because it was one of the markets that were heavily affected by the original Note 7 disaster.

Recently, a new report surfaced from Asia claiming that the Galaxy Note 7R will be priced at almost half the price of the original Note 7. Just so as you know, the original was priced at a whopping $870 in South Korea ($850 in the U.S.) and if the refurbished Note 7 is indeed going to keep the same hardware specs as its counterpart, this pricing would make the phone a killer.