Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Leaks Suggest 4K Display and Bixby AI Assistant Coming

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was at some point deemed as a dream that will never come to be, but as things have started turning out in the recent past, it seems the phone is still happening.

As opposed to prior reports that Samsung might rush in with an early release of the Galaxy Note 8, a new report coming in claims that the phone will still be released in the second half of this year. This will be following the usual tradition of launching the Note series in the same period, just like last year’s Galaxy Note 7, which barely made it past two months in the market.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, which are reportedly being tested as at the time of this writing, will be released first somewhere in April and followed later in the year by the Galaxy Note 8. Samsung is adamant that it will not be letting go off a phablet market that it pioneered with the Galaxy Note series, even though the Note 7 has left quite some bad memories in the minds of Sammy lovers and the smartphone world in general.



There are a number of features that Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus is expected to debut with. One of the leading ones is an AI-based digital Assistant known as Bixby. While this feature is also expected to appear on the Galaxy Note 8, Samsung will also add several other features to the flagship as it looks to bounce back from the Galaxy Note 7 downfall. There is the talk of a UHD display screen that is aimed at delivering the best of VR experiences to users alongside an enhanced S Pen. However, the Galaxy S8 will still use 2K (QHD) resolution.

Even though the release date of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is not yet known, the company is expected to consider previous release dates for the likes of Galaxy Note 7, Note 5 and Note 4 before setting the date for the Note 8.

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