Samsung Galaxy Note 8 set to get a Lineage 2 Revolution Limited Edition later this week

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Lineage 2 Revolution Edition

Samsung is fond of making follow-ups to its devices with limited editions and the Galaxy Note 8 is no exception.

South Korea’s SK Telecom has come into partnership with Samsung and Net Marble Games and together, the trio is bringing you a new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 variant based on the mobile game Lineage 2 Revolution. As you would expect, this is a limited version, where Samsung will only manufacture 10,000 units of the phone.

The limited edition of the Galaxy Note 8 will be accompanied by an HDMI cable, a bunch of Lineage game collectibles as well as Samsung DeX. If you really like this game, this might just be your chance to pick one of the available units of the phone, which will be available starting November 16th.

The Lineage 2 Revolution game has without a doubt been a success in a good number of Asian countries, with South Korea and Japan among them. With this in mind, the three companies want to take advantage of the game’s popularity in the country with this special edition, but that’s not all.

Apparently, SK Telecom has more to offer buyers of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Lineage 2 Revolution Limited Edition. At the end of 2017, those who buy this edition of the phone will have the option to choose between an Allo Battery set and a Nemonic Printer. There will also be special discount coupons for those interested in buying a Galaxy Note 8 Alacantra Cover and a Samsung battery pack.

SK Telecom has already opened pre-orders for the special edition Galaxy Note 8 via its official website, but this will go on until November 15th. The Lineage 2 Revolution Edition of the Note 8 can be yours for 1,332,000 Korean Won, which translates to a whopping $1,200, but you’ll be getting the 256GB storage variant, with the rest of the specs remaining unchanged.

Note that this special edition is as a result of a partnership with South Korea’s SK Telecom, which makes the phone exclusive to Samsung’s home market.

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