Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be “Better, Safer and Very Innovative”, says CEO DJ Koh

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Mobile CEO Dong-Jin Koh or simply DJ Koh has finally ended uncertainties surrounding the future of the Galaxy Note series by confirming that this year’s Note 8 will actually be better, safer and very innovative.

During an interview with CNET, DJ Koh said that the findings from the Galaxy Note 7 did not just help the company get to the root of the phone’s issues, but it also helped the tech giant discover just how popular the Note series has become out there. By the time Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was discontinued, Samsung had shipped about 3 million smartphones across the globe and up to now, about 97% have been retrieved.

Despite several attempts by the company to try and convince current Note 7 owners to take the device back, including encouraging carriers to break the phone via a software update, there are thousands out there who are still willing to die just so as to keep their beloved phone. Koh says that the company has taken note of this and as such, it will ensure that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the complete opposite of the Note 7 as far as safety matters are concerned.

Samsung just came out from announcing the causes of the Galaxy Note 7 fires and in fact, the tech giant has come up with a bunch of new procedures that will be followed with regards to future smartphone batteries. The first device to undergo these new set of rules will be Samsung Galaxy S8, which the company confirmed will not be at the MWC 2017 show next month. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will then take the same direction later in the year, but neither the CEO nor President and COO of Samsung U.S., Tim Baxter, who was also present during the same interview, were in the mood to let slip of this information.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Still, Baxter noted that more than 10,000 people in the U.S. had signed up for future Samsung updates with respect to the Galaxy Note 8 and other products. He also believes that there are quite a good number of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Note 4 owners out there who are seeking for an upgrade.

Even though the specs and feature details were not put on the table, CEO Koh was adamant that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be “very innovative”, something that should get many people excited about what’s in the pipes.

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