Samsung Galaxy S10 and Apple iPhone X 2018 Will Not Get In-Display Fingerprint Sensor, Here’s Why

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Apple and Samsung are the two largest players in the smartphone industry.

The brands were expected to launch new flagship models with in-display fingerprint sensor but it was Vivo, a new brand that launched the technology ahead of everyone else.

Apple launched the iPhone X a couple of months ago and the company had a strong reason for not focusing on the fingerprint scanner. They removed the home button permanently and invested a lot in making the Face ID as secure as it could get. When directly compared with what Samsung offers in their Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ smartphones, iPhone X uses 3D facial scanning which is far more secure. Users can’t fool the camera by using a photograph of a person to unlock it.

The company made a lot of decisions and not all of them were appreciated by the buyers. Apple removed the 3.5 mm audio jack permanently and the home button which was also the fingerprint sensor. They managed to add an OLED display and provide the highest level of security with Face ID. Analysts predict that the iPhone X 2018 edition which will be available in three different variants this year will not sport an in-display fingerprint sensor as they have not perfected the technology yet.

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A similar situation prevails for Samsung as the designers retained the fingerprint sensor on both the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9+. The specifications and features will be carried forward with the Galaxy Note 9 with additional features. As the development team was clear that they couldn’t launch the in-display fingerprint sensor in time, they decided to move the position of the physical fingerprint button as users wanted them to. The S9 is a minor update when compared to the previous flagship phone, the Galaxy S8 which was widely appreciated for its Infinity Display. The Samsung Galaxy S10 set for launch in 2019 is rumored to improve Face ID but will not integrate the fingerprint sensor within the display.

Samsung Galaxy S10

It’s surprising to see Samsung and Apple, the industry leaders falter to deliver a new technology in time. The in-display fingerprint scanner is already available on the Vivo X20. A popular Youtuber Jerry Rigs Everything stress tested the phone and confirmed that the fingerprint worked even when the display had scratches on it. Rumors claim that Xiaomi is planning to bring in the technology with their Mi 7 smartphones this year. While Apple and Samsung have a solid reason to not implement in-display fingerprint sensor, if these smaller brands manage to pull it off earlier it might push the smartphone industry into adopting it much earlier.

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