Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+& S10e, Galaxy Tab A, Nokia 3V and Motorola Edge+ All Receiving Software Updates from Verizon

Galaxy S10 lineup

Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+and Galaxy S10e, Samsung Galaxy Tab A (8.4-inch), Nokia 3V and Motorola Edge+ are the devices Verizon has chosen for software updates on September 24/25, 2020.

Of these devices, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A (8.4-inch) is being upgraded to the Android 10 OS, while the rest of the devices are mostly getting their respective latest Android security update patches.

Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy S10e

Verizon’s software update page confirms that there are some performance improvements being brought about through these updates in all three smartphones. The Android security update patch of September 2020 is also included in this software update file.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A (8.4-inch)

The Samsung Galxy Tab A (8.4-inch) is getting a software upgrade to the Android 10 OS along with all the features the new version brings. The new features include Live Transcribe, improved Gestures and Camera UX, and Focus Mode. Night Mode will henceforth be called Dark Mode on this device.

Along with these, the Android security update patch of August 2020 has been included by Verizon in this update on the Samsung Galaxy Tab A (8.4-inch).

Nokia 3V

The Nokia 3 V is getting just the latest September 2020 Android security update patch and nothing more in this software update from Verizon.

Motorola Edge+

This system update No. 5 from Verizon for the Motorola Edge+ smartphone has the Android security update patch of August 2020. The other change included is the update to the 5G signal indicators.

Wherever performance improvements are indicated Verizon does not provide details in the software update pages. Users have to check the notifications as they receive on their devices. You can check on your device if the above updates have been downloaded installed. The software version given here below each device will help you make the confirmation.

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