The Sims 4 Not Only Get Skin Tones but New Hairstyles Too!

Sims 4 Hairstyles and Skintones

Fans of the Sims 4 wanted their game to be extremely diverse and represent them in the virtual world.

After all, it has always been a game from Maxis and EA that focused on letting you live life the way you want. The addition will be over 100 different skin tones according to a recent update but it is not going to stop there.

Instead, the updates are not only going to focus on darker skin tones but also on a whole new collection of hair styles. There is no better way to express yourself than having some great choices of hair styles to choose from irrespective of your gender. While it is a common notion that women love to stylize their hair often, men do too and even some would want their kids to have an exact style. Everything will now be possible in the game once the update rolls out in October and yet another big update related to this is promised for the month of December.

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Before the end of the year, the Sims 4 will become a politically correct game that can allow players of brownish and darker skin tones to express themselves in a desired manner. While there are so many different shades of fair skin tones to choose from, providing the same option for everyone else will also play a huge role in making the game a crowd favorite. Ever since the title got launched on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, it continues to reach more audience than ever. It was originally a PC-centric game which is now available on more consoles and hence players from multiple platforms join together.

Sims 4 Hairstyles and Skintones

Official Release Date

In their official statement, EA and the Sims Community has confirmed that they are going to release the update as early as October 6th for PC gamers. The preparation time will be more for PS4 and Xbox because the developers should get necessary approval from the companies before it is being rolled out. Hence, it will be another month for the new skin tones and hair styles to get launched. It will be out on the 10th of November as confirmed by team and it shouldn’t be long before you will be able to customize your character even better.

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Meanwhile, players can enjoy the Star Wars pack on the Sims 4 which provides a whole new perspective with its single player campaign and items for further customization.

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