Samsung Galaxy S5 Receives November Android Security Patch – What Next?

Samsung Galaxy S5

The December Android Security patch is already out and in fact, it comes alongside the latest Android 7.1.1 Nougat, but this is only targeting compatible devices.

Nonetheless, the latest reports confirm that Samsung Galaxy S5 is also receiving the latest monthly security patch, but this is from the month of November. Google rolled out a security patch for both Android Marshmallow and Android Nougat devices back then, but the Galaxy S5 had yet to see this update come its way.

Samsung Galaxy S5 is more than two years old following its early 2014 release, but this hasn’t stopped Samsung from availing security updates to one of its most successful flagships. However, unlike other current updates that are being accompanied by new Android Nougat OTA, the latest version for Samsung Galaxy S5 only comes with security fixes and performance improvements – nothing more.

Samsung Galaxy S5

If you own an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S5 and live in Europe, this is the time to check for the latest Android Security patch. As usual with OTA updates, not all devices will be receiving the update at once, but it shouldn’t be long before the notification comes your way, just in case it hasn’t. The update has been seen in Germany, Poland and the Netherlands; but this is not the end. Those in other European countries donning the unlocked Galaxy S5 should start seeing it very soon.

Samsung is reportedly fixing up to 14 problems that had been discovered in the older Galaxy S5 software, meaning that it is important you get the update, unless you want to stay unsecure. Google has also thrown in some of its own security patch for Android alongside many other fixes for vulnerabilities.

With Samsung Galaxy S5 already over two years old, it is unlikely that Android 7.0 Nougat will be making its way to this handset. As such, owners of this phone can only expect to see more of the same updates coming in each and every month for this phone, but this may not last long as both companies are shifting their attentions to newer devices and operating systems.

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