Report: Samsung Knew What Would Happen to the Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Smartphone lovers around the world are still in shock as to what really happened to Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – a phone that was meant to take the industry by storm, but instead took it by flames (pun intended).

Samsung has an established global reputation not just in the smartphone world, but in all matters technology. However, what happened with Galaxy Note 7 is something that has never been witnessed before. In fact, it is a surprise that many other smaller companies from all over the world have been pumping smartphones into the industry at an alarming speed, but no such incident has been witnessed, yet Samsung has had such trouble. More surprising is the fact that with such an enormous pool of resources around it, the South Korean tech giant has not come to the bottom of the Galaxy Note 7 problem.
Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Well, move aside Samsung, let the experts do the job for you! According to a team of independent hardware engineers, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had a “fundamental problem with the design.” It gets even more interesting as the team tends to suggest that Samsung somehow knew what could happen when it proceeded with the “super aggressive” design of the Note 7, yet it went on with it, anyway. The company was after showing the world how innovative it has become, something that failed massively.

What the team is trying to say is that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had a lot of powerful hardware squeezed in such a compact design and the battery was being compressed continually, something that easily resulted in a damaged positive and negative electrodes’ “separator.” When these electrodes eventually come into contact, the phone started heating continually and you all know the end result – BOOM!

The team at Instrumental claims that Samsung engineers knew that the 3500mAh battery packed in the Galaxy Note 7 was a bit too tight for the phone’s compartment, but they still “took a deliberate step” of shipping the phone with the unit.

Galaxy Note 7

This is not the first time that independent bodies have come to such conclusions about the deceased Samsung Galaxy Note 7. A few months ago, the same story came from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, saying that the handset’s body was larger than its housing. Samsung is also said to have rushed the production of the Note 7 in order to beat the iPhone 7 Plus to the market, doing everything possible to make it happen, including power, innovation and features. They took a gamble and it failed, costing the company dearly.

Samsung has yet to come out with its official report of what really happened to the Galaxy Note 7, but it should be happening sooner than later.

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