Samsung Galaxy S7 Active Now Ready for Purchase from AT&T

AT&T finally unveiled the much touted Samsung Galaxy S7 Active to the American people, bringing to end months of rumors and speculations of how this device will look like.

When compared to the many smartphones that the South Korean company has released before, it was quite easy getting our hands on lots of details regarding this phone before its eventual release. A lot that was said about it via the leaks, rumors and speculations have actually materialized. If anything, the only thing that was left to find out was the actual price of the phone, which we now have the full details of thanks to AT&T.

The carrier is the second largest in the country and as far as the Galaxy Active series is concerned, the company has shared this relationship with Samsung for four years now. It began with the Galaxy S4 Active and now we have a Galaxy S7 Active. The new phone comes in three color variants of Sandy Gold. Camo Green and Titanium Gray, just like the rumors had pointed out.

There is really nothing much that Samsung has added to the phone under the hood, but the real changes took place on the outside. The first thing you will notice is the phone’s design changes. The phone has three physical buttons just below the screen while the materials used on the standard Galaxy S7 and the new Galaxy S7 Active are two worlds apart. However, you will still find the likes of microSD card slot, IP68 certification and non-removable battery on both phones. The Active version, since it’s made for the outside world, adds a tough layer of rubber and military grade protection standards to ensure that it survives almost any kind of falls, shocks, dives, and any other accidents that are characterized by outdoor events.

Galaxy S7 Active

Samsung Galaxy S7 Active comes with a 5.1-inch Super AMOLED QHD screen with the same resolution as its counterparts. The only change under the hood is the battery size, which is at 4000mAh as compared to the larger 3600mAh used on the Galaxy S7 Edge. Other than this, the rest remain the same, including the camera.

AT&T is selling the Galaxy S7 Active in three options. You can either choose to pay for the phone outright, which will cost you $794.99. Alternatively, there is AT&T’s Next plan that offers a 30-month contract of $26.50 per month. If this is too long a period for you, there is also the AT&T Next Every Year plan that only takes 24 months, but you will have to pay a slightly higher monthly fee of $33.13.

The phone can be bought via the official AT&T online and retail stores.

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