Google to Reveal Official Name for Android N in a Few Weeks

Android N Nickname

Google did the unusual by releasing Android N Developer preview months before the usual Google I/O release date.

Rather, this year’s developer conference saw the company push the first public beta version of the 7th generation Android OS, meaning that the OS was now ready for public beta testing. What this means is that if any person feels techy enough and uses any of Google’s compatible line of Nexus devices as well as Sony’s Xperia Z3, you can get a beta version of Android N and get an early taste of what it feels like using the operating system. This is, of course, a very risky move as it may leave your device in a worse state than it found it. But still, there is no way the company would advise you to install an update that will eventually kill your phone.

In the few weeks to come, Google has confirmed that it will be revealing the real name of the N in Android N. This information was made public via a Google+ post and tweet on the company’s accounts. When the Google I/O 2016 was held this in May, the search engine giant was clear that it will take a different direction in naming Android N. Rather than work out on the confectionery itself, the company said that it will be accepting suggestions for what to baptize the next generation of its Android OS.

Android N

Despite the fact that there is no official name yet, it seems Android N has already gained a nickname. Apparently, the OS will also be termed as New York Cheesecake. It is possible that this same period is when the company will be announcing the stable version of the OS. Even though we have a clue of when Android N will be here, Google has still kept quiet about the release of the next Nexus phones. Usually, the company unveils its new OS together with a new series of Nexus phones. If this is to be maintained, we might get to see this year’s Nexus phones in a few weeks’ time as well, just like the OS to power them.

Keep following us and we’ll update you on what’s coming regarding the name of Android N, the official release date as well as the details on the next Google Nexus 2016 phones.

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