Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge Receive Stability Update in Europe

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has been regarded as one of the best phones money can buy today.

However, like every other product, it has not been without its flaws. Of course, there have been very few chinks in its armor but one of them also happens to be its biggest strengths – curved edge display. The edge display not only provides for a brilliant looking device, but it also acts as a great way to quickly access frequently used apps or get latest updates from anywhere in the device.

However, several users have complained about oversensitivity in this curved display. This has resulted in users facing issues with several apps opening inadvertently, while there have also been reports of the camera facing issues as well.

The biggest flaw was the inability to use the device while typing with one hand. This action often resulted in the edge screen coming into play. This was also the case while trying to use the camera in the landscape mode. The oversensitive Edge display simply did not allow the user to take a picture.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Unlike in the past, Samsung has come up with a quick solution to the issue.

Users have started receiving an OTA update that aims to correct this issue. Europe will be one of the first regions to receive this update, which is 156 MB in size. Initial reports claim that there has been a marked improvement in user friendliness. The curved screen is now less sensitive and users can handle the device without the fear of causing undesired reactions.

Interestingly, Samsung does not appear ready to admit their mistake as the release notes did not mention anything about the oversensitive display. Instead, this update was claimed to bring ‘more stability’ to the phone. A new feature called ‘shape correction’ has also been given to the camera.

Even though the South Korean mobile phone giant has come out with this much needed update, they have been holding out on releasing the latest security patches provided by Google. Android has received security patches in the last two months, but they are yet to be given out by Samsung for the Galaxy S7 models. Samsung’s last update for the phones in this regard was back in February.

The most recent security patch released by Google claims to fix as many as 39 vulnerabilities with 15 of them being reported as critical.

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