Latest Rumors about Apple iPhone 7; iPhone Pro in the Making?

Apple iPhone 7

Apple has always been the trend setter when it comes to slim and attractive phones and it is getting ready with the next big release, the Apple iPhone 7.

Each generation of the iPhone has gone on a diet. It remains amazing that the American giant has been able to improve the features of the phone despite reducing its thickness. Just when it seemed that the 7.1 mm thickness of the iPhone 6S will be hard to beat, new reports about the iPhone 7 becoming the slimmest iPhone have emerged.

The iPhone 7 could make a number of compromises in order to go under 7 mm of thickness. One of the first features that may get the hit will be the 3.5 mm headphone jack. Apple has made many features redundant in the past. Aspects like floppy disks, CD drives, and so on have been removed from mainstream Apple devices at a time when they were seen as key towards the success of a product. The headphone jack occupies a similar positioning largely because it is the go-to-medium for music lovers.

Apple iPhone 7 rumors

Several phones also use the headphones as an antenna for the FM radio, which continues to be missing from the iPhone. The Oppo R5 is officially the world’s thinnest smartphone at just 4.9 mm in thickness and it misses out on the 3.5 mm audio jack. Vivo X5 Max is the slimmest phone to come with this feature and it measures in at 5.1 mm. However, rumors suggest that Apple is looking to use the space vacated by the headphone jack to increase the battery size. The iPhone 6S is not the one for great battery life whereas the iPhone 6S Plus benefits from having a larger battery.

Early rumors indicate that the iPhone 7 could measure just 5.8 mm in thickness. Meanwhile, there has also been speculation about Apple launching the iPhone Pro – just like the iPad Pro – with features like a dual camera setup. The much larger real estate from the iPhone 7 Plus may allow such a possibility.

The new iPhone is set to be launched in the next few months. Apart from a plethora of new features, the device is also set to sport a new design language keeping in touch with the Apple philosophy. The last major design change came in the form of the iPhone 6S, which has faced criticism in the form of a protruding camera. More news about this upcoming phone will only increase in the coming weeks.

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