Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to Get Galaxy Note 7-Exclusive Blue Coral Color Variant

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

When Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was introduced, in addition to debuting a new curved dual-edge design, the handset also came in with a new blue coral color variant for the flagship.

Now that the Galaxy Note 7 is dead, Samsung is giving birth to a new one, but not exactly new as you would like it to be. Apparently, the best-selling Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge will be receiving a new color variant – the blue coral that was only meant for the Note 7.

According to Samsung Singapore, recent leaks that were showcasing a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with a light blue hue will become a reality starting November 5. This is good news for Galaxy S7 Edge users given that this color variant recorded some impressive sales with the Galaxy Note 7.

Even though the announcement comes from Samsung, keep in mind that the company has branches in almost every part of the world. This is just one of them and it represents the interests of the people of Singapore. If this is the case, we may never get to see the blue coral color reach the Galaxy S7 Edge. In addition, since there was no mention of the flat screen Galaxy S7, it is fair to believe that the update will only reach the curved variant.

To give you some hopes, the blue coral Galaxy S7 Edge that leaked earlier had a Verizon branding on it, something that could imply that the handset will indeed be coming to the U.S. If this materializes, it shouldn’t be long from now or rather, from the time the color variant launches in Singapore.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Ever since the production of the Galaxy Note 7 stopped, Samsung has been looking at everything possible to try and offset the heavy losses suffered. One recent move was to push a software update to the Galaxy S7 Edge and the standard S7 – an update that added some features that were initially spared for the Galaxy Note 7 alone. Now that there is a blue coral color variant following coming soon, it shows how the company is desperate to compensate the losses made by the recalled Note 7.

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