Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy Note 5 Receiving July Android Security Updates

Samsung Galaxy S7 Twins

Samsung has been doing great recently when it comes to monthly software updates, but this is only concerning its flagship handsets.

Recent times have seen the likes of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note 5 and even the newer Galaxy S7 feature in early updates coming in from Samsung. Well, as it seems, this is not going to end anytime soon. At the time of this writing, those using the latest Samsung Galaxy S7 from the UK can happily download and install the latest Android security updates for the month of July.

This is great news for a device that is less than a few months into the market, but it also a great sign of commitment from the South Korean tech company. Note that this update is coming directly from Samsung and as such, it is obviously hitting unlocked handsets.

While this is happening in the UK with respect to the Galaxy S7, there is even more good news for those using the Galaxy Note 5 not just in the region, but also in other markets across the planet. Google came in with two security patches for the month of July. The initial release is dated July 1 whereas there is a second version that is dated July 5. The update on Galaxy S7 combines both of these security patches into one.

Those using the Galaxy Note 5 with model number SM-N920C can expect to see an OTA notification showing up on their phones anytime soon. This model was sold in regions such as Europe, Middle East and some parts of Asia. The update will bring the phones’ security patch levels to the latest versions, but there is really nothing they bring forward in terms of new features.

Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S7 July Updates

Samsung is expected to proceed with the rolling out of this month’s Android update to Galaxy S7 and Galaxy Note 5 units in other parts of the world. Impatient users can also check out for the download’s availability manually. This requires you to launch the phone’s Settings>About phone>Software updates. However, it is recommended that you wait for the OTA notification to show up, which shouldn’t take long for those using unlocked variants of these phones. For carrier-based variants, the process might even be longer, which may see the devices receive the same updates towards the end of this month or even early next month.

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