T-Mobile is Giving Families of Four Free Galaxy On5 Phones, But There is a Catch

Galaxy On5 2016

T-Mobile has been rampant in the recent past when it comes to announcing deals. Each and every week the American carrier comes in with what many describe as the best deal ever, and this week is no different from the rest.

Apparently, the carrier has a Best. Deal. Ever promo that begins today. However, the deal is only available to those using the carrier’s family plans that take into account four or more members, especially those who are looking to get back their kids to school.

As noted, the T-Mobile deal takes into account those with families of up to 12 members, but not less than four. The carrier will be offering four lines that pack 6GB of data for a fee of $30 per month on each line. With each of these lines, T-Mobile is also adding a free Samsung Galaxy On5 handset.

The Galaxy On5 retails on T-Mobile at $140, meaning that by getting yourself any of the included plans, all of your family members will be getting a new phone. Even though the Galaxy On5 may not be in the same league as the likes of Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy Note 5 or even the Galaxy S6, it still offers great value for zero amount spent.

There is a 5-inch TFT display panel that is, of course, not the best you find in the market. The entry-level phone further adds more entry-level specs and features, among them a 5MP main camera and 2MP selfie sensor. Under the hood, there is a quad-core SoC that is clocked at a speed of 1.3GHz and is paired with a RAM of 1.5GB. You get 8GB of inbuilt storage, but there is room for microSD card storage, with a maximum capacity of 128GB supported. In terms of software, the Galaxy On5 comes with the latest Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow.

Galaxy On5 2016

Given that T-Mobile is offering this Galaxy On5 deal via bill credits, the cost incurred will not be reflected on your monthly bill. Instead, owners of the included family plans will only have to pay the $30 monthly fee needed to keep each lineup and running. Remember, the minimum number of members in a family plan should be four while the maximum is 12. This means that you stand a chance of getting up to 12 Samsung Galaxy On5 handsets with this T-Mobile deal.

If the 6GB of data that comes with each line isn’t enough, there is room for a much-improved plan. This will see you pay a monthly fee of $40 per line, but with 10GB of data on board. But there is a catch to this upgrade where the 10GB data package will only be availed on the first four lines while the rest (potentially up to 12 lines) will stick to the 6GB data pack per month.

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