Samsung Galaxy S7 vs. iPhone 6S: 3 Key Areas Samsung Beats Apple

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 was announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and it is already causing havoc thanks to its overall magnificence.

With the phone expected to be a main competitor to Apple’s iPhone 6S, here are three areas that Samsung is actually emerging out on top when compared to Apple.

Expandable storage

Samsung Galaxy S series enthusiasts were disappointed when the Korean company unveiled Galaxy S6 without a microSD card slot. This expandable storage option is now back with Samsung Galaxy S7 and it is big, accommodating up to 200GB. If you feel the 32GB of onboard storage is not enough, you can supplement it easily.

Not just the iPhone 6S, but all of Apple’s smartphones have never had expandable storage. Obviously, the company has its reasons for taking this direction, but the 128GB variant is still a decent amount of storage, which can still be supplemented by cloud storage. Still, Samsung has the upper hand here.

Water resistance

Samsung says that the new Galaxy S7 has a rating of IP68. With this, it means that the phone can survive water spills, rains and other minor water-related accidents. The best of all is that it can last up to 30 minutes in water (1.5 meters deep) and still survive, but there is really no need to immerse the phone in water.

Many Samsung users weren’t happy when the company dropped this feature in Galaxy S6, but they’ll now be glad to have it back. Samsung Galaxy S5 came with IP67 rating, which means this year’s model is a step up. It is currently the best standard and possibly a lot better than what Apple offers on its iPhone 6S.

Apple devices make it hard to determine their ability to withstand foreign particles since the company doesn’t apply for ingress protection certifications for its devices, thus, there are no ratings to compare. Nonetheless, numerous pundits have discovered that the iPhone 6S is still waterproof. This is true because the phone comes with a rubber gasket that helps in protecting its perimeter in addition to a waterproof insulation around the logic board. An issue here is that the ports are not waterproof.

Samsung Galaxy S7

But there is always an option to buy a waterproof iPhone 6S case just in case you want it to match the Galaxy S7’s waterproof capabilities.

Battery capacity

Smartphone battery life is not a new topic. In fact, many companies have begun digging deeper into ways that can help take care of this problem, especially with the ever-growing list of resource-demanding apps. While Google introduced the battery-saving Doze feature to Android Marshmallow to help prolong smartphone battery life, Samsung went for an increment in the battery capacity.

Unlike the iPhone 6S which carriers mere 1715mAh battery unit, Samsung Galaxy S7 has a monstrous 3000mAh battery, which is even larger than what the iPhone 6S Plus homes. This is still on paper, but real world tests will say it all. Usually, the fact that Apple is responsible for all of its iPhone hardware and software makes it easy to optimize the performance in a bid to save more power, but the massive size of the battery installed on the Galaxy S7 might prove to be hard for iPhone 6S to beat.

Maybe Apple will do much better with the upcoming iPhone 7.

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