Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge Teaser Shows Off Dual-Lens Camera and 3650mAh Removable Battery

We’ve heard just about everything we want to hear about the 2017 Samsung Galaxy S8, but with the phone still months away from launch, new details just can’t stop popping up.

The South Korean tech giant suffered what is probably its worst disaster in the entire smartphone history after Samsung Galaxy Note 7 handsets kept exploding from different parts of the world. The company was forced to stop the production as well as sale of the phone amid reports from concerned parties that it was proving to be a danger carrying the phone around.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was expected to carry the company high up above the rest until the release of Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Edge in 2017. Unfortunately, this is not happening and as such, Samsung is faced with a huge task ahead to convince the public that its devices can still be trusted.

The company is still struggling to come to the bottom of the Galaxy Note 7 problem. At some point, the tech giant thought that this had everything to do with the battery of the phone. But after the first recall, it appeared that this wasn’t the case. Nonetheless, Samsung is taking no chances at all, at least according to the latest leaked concept for the Galaxy S8 Edge.

Apparently, Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge will come with a removable battery unit – something that some analysts claim would have helped if it was on the Galaxy Note 7. In the leaked video of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge, the phone will carry a slightly larger 3650mAh battery as compared to the 3600mAh used on the Galaxy S7 Edge. But given that the new phone will come with a 4K display of 5.5 inches compared to the 2K version on its predecessor, this increase is quite insignificant. On the brighter side, Samsung has a number of amazing optimizations that allows users to choose the resolution they want on their display, be it HD, Full HD, or QHD – UHD should also make the cut in next year’s version.

Another major rumor that has been going on for a while is the dual-lens camera setup. According to the leaked render, Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge will come with 12MP and 13MP lenses on the back, but there is no word on what the front camera will come with. However, you can expect a better 8MP snapper when compared to the 5MP used on the S7 Edge. It is possible that this dual-lens camera setup could be exclusive to the larger S8 Edge while the standard S8 will carry a single-lens camera setup.

You can watch this Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge video concept here.

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