Battlefield 1 Brings Huge Fall Update with Better Game Balancing

Battlefield 1

Electronic Arts and DICE has launched a huge fall update for Battlefield 1.

The update balances the game in many ways and makes it less frustrating for those who were having a hard time in capturing flags or winning rounds.

Battlefield 1Update

The Operations game mode in the game was extremely messed up and it always gave an upper hand for those who were on the defending side. The developers have balanced this by increasing the number of overall tickets to give more time for the attacking team to proceed. The change is applicable for both Operations and Grand Operations game mode. The time it takes to capture a flag when you are an attacker should be significantly reduced. It gives the much needed challenge for the defenders and forces them to move out rather than simply camping near the same capture point.

Whenever a player manages to kill a retreating defender, they will receive an increase 50 points. It used to be 30 before this update. Suez Conquest layout was another constant complaint where one team would quickly capture all flags and lock them down. It will now have two more flags in the village areas and any team has to move in if they want to win. It ensures they don’t lock down a small area and win. The amount of buildings surrounding these flags are now reduced to avoid camping. If a particular team is pushed back to their HQ, they get an armored car to push back and recapture those flags again.

A bunch of changes are done to Battlefield 1 squad leader commands, requests and timer. It should balance the game and lead to more co-operative gameplay. You can now purchase new battlepacks through the Get Battlepacks option in the menu. And, there’s a new quit button to let players go out of the match as soon as the round ends. A lot of bug fixing and technical changes are done not only to the multiplayer but with the single player campaign as well, as noted by the official blog.

Battlefield 1

Compared to Battlefield 4 that was plagued by hundreds of bugs on launch, Battlefield 1 is a much better launch title with little to complain about. The single player campaign is one of the best in the series and the World War I setup has interested a lot of gamers in getting into it. With Black Friday around the corner, there should be plenty of deals to reduce the game to $35 or so making it a must buy in your holiday shopping list.

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