Samsung Galaxy S8 with Fireproof Battery : Good Job Samsung!

Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has a beautiful design offering effortless performance, but is the battery fireproof?

Samsung had announced in January that it would implement a battery check out consisting of 8 points and that all the batteries of future phones would go in for thorough check ups. The tests would also include an x-ray test as well as human inspections.

Samsung Galaxy S8

No Fire/Explosion

A video has been recently uploaded by What’s Inside, a YouTube channel, which was done combined with JerryRigEverything, another YouTube channel. The video confirms that the battery of the Samsung Galaxy S8 will not explode and neither will it catch fire. In fact, it will not be affected even if you attack it with a knife.

Seeing What’s Inside

The What’s Inside channel is famed for cutting down a product and looking into the inside of it. Along with the help of JerryRigEverything, they remove the back of the device, work on the front using a Dremel, cutting right into the rear of the smartphone to view the battery.

No Sparks or Flames

When the dremel cut into the rear located battery, it started smoking and expanding, with some lithium ion oozing out. However, that was all. At first the battery started swelling up and everyone was in a frenzy wanting to take the phone out, fearing that it would catch fire. However, the next thing was that the battery started swelling up, dripping liquid and became very hot. There was smoke and some smell showing that something was wrong. However, there was no spark and no fire and even prodding with metal objects did not create a fire.

According to JerryRigEverything, it is normal to see some sparks and even flames when a lithium ion battery is punctured. It seems that Samsung has figured out a way of preventing the battery from exploding or catching fire.

The video is a 9-minute one and it offers a rather crude tearing down of the smartphone.

Good Job

Samsung seems to have done a thorough and safe job with its battery this time, and the Galaxy S8 seems to be on the safe side. Buyers can rest easy in the though that Samsung has done everything it can for ensuring that the Galaxy S8 will not blow up like the infamous Galaxy Note 7.

Unscientific Tests

However, such tests as shown in the video are unsafe and they are unscientific tests. Also, the smartphone that is shown in the abovementioned video may not actually be proof of the models of the Galaxy S8 that will actually be sold to customers.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Galaxy Note 7 Forgotten

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will soon be out and it seems that fans have already got rid of the bad memories associated with the earlier Galaxy Note 7 debacle. The company has assured customers of excellent battery quality in its future phones, and with the Samsung Galaxy S8. However, this is not proof that nothing of the sort will occur with the upcoming Galaxy S8 battery. Many batteries on smartphones do fail from time to time, though explosions are rare. If you are still wondering whether the Galaxy S8 will blow up, initial tests indicate that it will not.