Samsung Galaxy S8 or Google Pixel 2 – Which One Should be Your Next Phone?

Google Pixel vs Samsung Galaxy S8

After months of rumors and speculations, Samsung Galaxy S8 was finally unveiled at the death of last month, however, this phone isn’t the last to be released this year.

Despite the huge hype that has surrounded the Galaxy S8, you’ll be glad to learn that this handset is only the first of many high-end phones to be released in 2017. The likes of OnePlus, HTC, Sony and Google itself are yet to make their mark in the market and in fact, the Google Pixel 2 is still one of the biggest smartphones of the year.

As far as hardware specs and design language are concerned, there’s no doubt that Samsung Galaxy S8 has set a high bar. Talk of the curved AMOLED infinity display, enhanced cameras, new iris scanning technology, the latest Qualcomm flagship processor and extras such as Samsung DeX and Bixby, just to name but a few. In short, the Galaxy S8 is the current phone to beat in the market and it will take Google a lot of effort – more than just software – to beat the S8 to the top spot.

Many saw the Google Pixel as a better phone than the Galaxy S7, but in order to keep this a reality in 2017, whoever will be tasked to make the Google Pixel 2 has a lot to do – and probably learn from Samsung. The original Pixel was received perfectly well and in fact, we have seen many complaining that they haven’t been able to get the phone due to limited supplies.

Google Pixel vs Samsung Galaxy S8

Other than a simplistic design that features a flat screen (yes, some people still think curved screens are gimmicks) and a nice build quality, the Google Pixel also gets the advantage of having the best software experience. The phone runs on stock Android OS and when it comes to software updates, you just can’t beat the Pixel phone. Being the first phone to feature the company’s Google Assistant, there was no doubt that the phone was going to see huge demand as many want to be part of the new experience. But as noted, Samsung has now brought in its own assistant in the shape of Bixby.

There are a few differences here and there, but Bixby basically serves the same purpose as the Google Assistant. However, the latter stands a better chance of evolving at a quicker pace than the former, especially Google or rather Android is what powers the assistant. The amount of data that Google has its hands on through Android compared to Samsung will also play a huge role in developing the Google Assistant faster and better than Bixby, which could mean the Google Pixel 2 will have an even better experience with this digital assistant.

OnePlus 5 vs Google Pixel 2

Google has had a few issues regarding the manufacturing and distribution of the Pixel and Pixel XL. These must have served as perfect lessons for the Mountain View Company and in fact, it could use these lessons to build a better Google Pixel 2 experience. Given that the latter is still expected to be better when it comes to software experience, the hardware improvements over the Pixel and Pixel XL will play a key role in determining the success of the Pixel 2 phone.

As noted earlier, the current Google Pixel phones are already outstanding gadgets. If the search engine giant manages to improve on various aspects, it will be easy to pick the Google Pixel 2 over any other device and not just the Samsung Galaxy S8. We’ve seen a hike in Sammy pricing strategy for the S8, where the phone is valued at $750. If Google manages to keep the price of the Pixel 2 at the same $650 or basically less than what Samsung is charging, it could only get better for the company.

Being a 2017 flagship, the Google Pixel 2 will obviously ship with top-notch hardware specs, similar to the Galaxy S8 or maybe even better, just like it happened with Galaxy S7 and the original Pixel phones.