Samsung Galaxy S8, Huawei Honor Magic are Perfect Responses to Xiaomi Mi MIX

Xiaomi Mi Mix

Xiaomi took the smartphone world by storm when it announced the bezel-less Xiaomi Mi MIX – a 6.4-inch smartphone with a 91.3% screen to body ratio.

The launch of such a phone by Xiaomi was not expected, but many expected the likes of Samsung and Apple to lead the way into this bezel-less screen technology starting 2017, especially since the former already has one foot into the business with its curved dual-edge models.

Xiaomi Mi Mix

Now, according to a new Bloomberg report, it appears that Samsung Galaxy S8 will be the first device to go all-screen as far as the front panel is concerned, beating the Xiaomi Mi MIX that still comes with a bezel on the bottom side. Usually, all smartphones have some form of glass on the front – a glass that is surrounded by a frame that plays home to things like selfie camera, earpiece, proximity sensor, home button, as well as the fingerprint sensor, in case of Samsung Galaxy phones. If Bloomberg is right, it is this bezel that Samsung Galaxy S8 will be getting rid of.

If the Xiaomi Mi MIX is anything to go by, it means that the new Galaxy S8 will have these features buried into the screen, but the former has the selfie camera repositioned to the bottom bezel. The physical home button that has long been associated with Samsung Galaxy phones will have no place on the S8 and instead, buyers of this phone will have to do with a virtual home button that will reside towards the bottom side of the screen, something that a number of Android devices already have.

Whether Samsung Galaxy S8 will stick to capacitive keys or shift to 3D Touch-like technology is still not clear. For sure, there must be a bezel somewhere, probably on the bottom side of the phone, nonetheless, Bloomberg is adamant that the screen sizes will not be affected – meaning you still get a 5.1-inch and 5.5-inch S8. But like earlier rumors had indicated, both units will come with curved, wraparound display units.

Galaxy S8

Samsung will continue to use two chipsets on its Galaxy S8, with the Snapdragon 835 SoC named as one of the chipsets. While an Exynos SoC is also expected, the model is still unknown, but rumors claim it will be an Exynos 8895, an advanced version of the current 8890 used in some variants of the S7. Earlier rumors have also suggested that Samsung Galaxy S8 will debut with an AI-powered digital assistant to compete with what Google and Apple offer on their Pixel and iPhone phones, respectively. Other changes to expect on the Galaxy S8 include the introduction of USB-C as well as a missing 3.5mm headphone port, but the screen resolutions will reportedly be kept at 2K.

As far as the release is concerned, Samsung Galaxy S8 should be here in March, but this could drag a little into April, especially since there are more testing procedures in place as the company looks to avoid the Note 7 debacle.

If you thought Samsung Galaxy S8 is the only handset that will kick of the year in style, well, you are wrong. In fact, Huawei has other ideas. The Chinese company is after ending the year in style and apparently, the company has readied a concept phone dubbed Huawei Honor Magic. If your memory serves you well, this is the same phrase the Xiaomi used when launching the Mi MIX – calling it a concept phone.

Huawei will be holding an event next week on 16th, an event that will reportedly witness the launch of a new Honor Magic phone that directly aims at the Xiaomi Mi MIX. There have been talks of this phone in the past, but it is the first time that an image of the phone has popped up, apparently captured when testing or rather training the phone’s fingerprint scanner during set up.

Huawei Honor Magic

If this image is true, we’ll see a Huawei Honor Magic phone with a front-facing fingerprint scanner mounted on the smallest bezel ever. Unlike the Xiaomi Mi MIX, this Honor Magic phone also comes with a top bezel, but it is also the smallest a smartphone has ever had. The screen of the phone curves on the sides, meaning the screen to body ratio will be something enormous, probably closer to the 91.3% of the Mi MIX.

Unfortunately, there is no word on the specs and other features of this Huawei Honor Magic, but given that it should be announced next week, we should get hold of more information before then.

What do you think about Samsung’s and Huawei’s responses to the Xiaomi Mi MIX?

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